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Established in 1985, this family run business with premises in Drayton near Norwich covers East Anglia servicing both private customers and corporate clients including Building Firms, Local Authorities and Housing Associations.

Specialists in Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation

Specialists in Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation:
We are also able to provide domestic air pressure testing. Call us for more details about this new service.


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There are various cavity wall insulations materials currently available, but for performance, safety and durability few can match Polypearl Plus® bonded bead system.

Heat LosePolypearl Plus® has been developed and refined over many years and has been rigorously tested by the British Board of Agrement and received their certificate of approval for use in all exposure zones. Polypearl Plus® is completely safe to use with NO DANGEROUS FUMES, NO HARMFUL FIBRES TO INHALE and there is NO RISK OF SETTLEMENT taking place after installation and furthermore in the opinion of BRE the materials should prove an acceptable insulation as a precaution against Radon in a new build.

The fuel bill is a major expense which increases year after year. Installing Polypearl Plus® will dramatically cut the heat loss though the walls and actually make them feel warmer. The rooms will have uniform temperature which will increase without turning up the heating and the building will retain it’s warmth longer after the heating is turned off.

You can therefore promote the fact that as part of your quality build you have satisfied the increasing demand for energy efficient housing. Fitting Polypearl Plus®, the best cavity wall insulation available will:


Polypearl Installation

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Polypearl Plus® is a system of insulation cavity walls that is installed by fully trained technicians who have all the necessary equipment to complete the job in a matter of hours.

Our supply and fit service offers builders lots of savings when compared with other methods of insulating the walls they are constructing.

We fit Polypearl Plus® when you are ready, normally just before plastering.

The Benefits
You don’t have to buy insulation until you need it so aiding your cashflow.

• No more bulky storage of insulation materials
• No more handling and distribution
• No waste though damage or loss though misappropriation
• One item less to supervise
• One item less to worry about

The unique self draining structure of Polypearl Plus® bonded bead means it is unnecessary to fill gable peaks.

An average building is filled in less than a day. Every inch of the cavity is filled to a uniform density.

Polypearl Plus®, the unique free flowing insulation beads with an adhesive coating that sets off with point to point adhesion allowing tiny air pockets which allow the cavity to breathe and moisture to drain away.

Polypearl Plus®, provides a major contribution to Energy Efficient Housing.

It’s unique, it’s the best and it’s the solution for new build insulation.


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• Technical and health advantages over all other types of material.
• Because it maintains the function of the cavity wall by allowing water to drain away.
• Quick & easy to install – minimal onsite disruption.
• No risk of settlement.
• Gives you a cash flow advantage.
• No more storage, handling or fitting worries.
• The knowledge that it is the BEST!



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